Haesung Marine acts as ship’s agent in ports of Korean ports for a large number of clients, both ship owners and charterers. We handle many vessel's calls a year and provide a service on 24/7 basis. Our experienced and professional staffs are always able to ensure compliance with the needs of our customers.

We never treat port agency just like the formal report function of a vessel port call, but like a partnership which ensures keeping the involved parties – the captain, charterer, owner, port and others advised as appropriate while the vessel is turned around in an efficient and trouble free manner.

Before, during and after the vessel’s call in port we are the first point of contact for the captain and ship owners. Heasung Marine has a well coordinated and professional team as general agency. Being in close vicinity with most major terminals, we are available on 24/7 basis 365 days a year, and are ready to perform all the operations requested by all relevant parties, including the ship owners, captains and charterers.

Our tramp agency services include, but not limited to:

  • Berth booking
  • Arranging for pilots, tugs and linesmen
  • Proceeding all formalities with all port authorities and entities
  • Preparing and attending the loading or discharging operation
  • Satisfaction of crew needs
  • Ordinary repairs
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Fresh Water supply
  • Arrangement of bunkers
  • Ship Store Replenishment
  • Slops, sludge, bilges, sewage & garbage removal


Heasung Marine provides general agency services in many ports of Korea. We nominate a local sub-agent on behalf of the client while maintaining responsibility for actions of the subcontractor. In selection of a sub-agent choose companies that apply the same methods and quality standards as our headquarter. It helps us to create a unified operational and financial contact with the client regardless of the port of handling.

Whether our customers require a single port call service, or an integrated solution, we always follow the highest standards of customer service and cost-effective delivery in any case.


Heasung Marine is a proven leader in the Korean port agency sector and as such has established close and mutually beneficial relationships with many ship-owners. With the current overall influence of charterers in agency selection, unwillingness of “Charterers’ Agents” to protect and follow the Ship Owners interests is sometimes noticed. This includes basic protection of the Owners commercial interests, as well as attendance to the vessel’s agency service requirements.

We like to consider ourselves as disciples of the “old school” from one side and followers of “modern methods” on the other. By this, we mean that we responsibly combine the role of “Charterers’ Agent” with that of “Owners’ Protecting Agent” or “Owners Husbandry Agent”.

We also often work solely in the capacity of “Owners Nominated Agent”. As such, Heasung Marine is keen to ensure that Owners feel comfortable approaching us to provide such support, as and when necessary.