Loading, stowing, transporting and discharging breakbulk and steel cargo is a complex operation, requiring considerable technical and engineering expertise, as well as specialised hardware and equipment. We pride ourselves on having built a reputation, within the world’s most dynamic industry sectors. as a trusted and preferred carrier and known for delivering optimum cargo care.

To ensure that all cargo is handled safely and efficiently, we invest in and maintain the world’s finest training for our chartering teams. At every compass point, these complex operations are overseen and guided by our global network of offices and agents, working 24/7. We provide our customers with the timing, efficiency and safety they demand, as well as the transparency and communication they need.


Our chartered fleet of highly versatile multipurpose vessels feature elements carefully designed with bulk cargo in mind. These include large, convenient and hatchway-accessed box holds – equipped with appropriate dehumidifiers – that can accommodate a wide variety of bulk commodities in granular and particulate form. 

By providing Liner, Semi-Liner and Tramp & Projects services, we have the capacity to tailor-make single sailing and long term engagement solutions to fit our customer requirements.



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